ALDO Canada

High Quality, Affordable Fashion Products for Life

In this age of high-volume manufacturing operations with tough deadlines and an emphasis on profit margins, finding a reliable and affordable consumer brand like ALDO Canada is not an easy proposition. Consider; how many times have you been promised style, quality and affordability in one consumer product – say a shoe – only to find a detached sole after 3 months of daily use? And to think you paid hundreds of dollars for a product that you thought was going to last with you for much longer than those 3 months.

It is for this reason that brands like ALDO Canada continue to command a very strong customer base while other companies get put up and promptly fold after a few years of operation.

History and Current Marketing Reach

Before we go to the things that make ALDO Canada one of the best and most-loved companies in the world in terms of fashion accessories, it is worthwhile to consider its humble roots. The brand was founded by businessman and visionary Aldo Bensadoun in the 1970s following a strong demand for high-quality products by the North American market. Its initial business was solely in the area of footwear manufacturing specializing in high-quality but affordable footwear for men and women. The base of operations was in the quaint town of Le Chateau with the ver first ALDO store in opening in Montreal. Shortly after its initial launch, stores were subsequently opened in the Canadian urban centers of Quebec City, Ottawa, and Winnipeg due to the very warm initial reception by the Canadian market which was looking for a fashion brand that it can trust and call its own.

The rapid rise of ALDO Canada began in the 1980s and 1990s when store after every ALDO store was opened in stores all over Canada. The brand became global starting in 1993 when the very first international ALDO store opened in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston’s largely Irish background took well to the French and British influences in Canada paving the way for ALDO to grow in the United States. The brand was also warmly embraced by Jewish American populations paving the way for the opening of the brand’s first non-North American store in Israel in 1995.

Form that point forward, there was no stopping the ALDO revolution. Store branches were subsequently opening in various locations like Saudi Arabia in 2001, England in 2002, and as far east as Singapore in 2003. Counting stores selling exclusively under the ALDO and Call It Spring brands, the company will be operating more than 600 stores in 63 countries around the globe. To name a few of the countries were ALDO currently operates, we have Algeria, Aruba, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Congo, Cote D’ivoire, Crotia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Gabon, Georgia, Guadeloupe, Kazakhstan, Korea, Libya, Malta, Martinique, Mauritius, Montenegro, Oman, The Philippines, Reunion Island, Senegal and Tunisia. Of course, the ALDO Canada brand also carries strongly in developed countries and vital fashion hubs including Australia, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Russia and China to name a few.


Including official retailers, resellers and distributors, the ALDO name spawns an empire covering more than 1,500 retail stores in more than 70 countries. This is over and above the strong internet marketing arm of the brand which reaches all corners of the world. In terms of extent, ALDO Canada is as global as any Fashion Accessories company can ever hope to grow its business in this highly competitive economic environment.

Corporate Branding and Retail

 Today, ALDO retails under five worldwide-recognized names specializing in men, women, boys and girls’ shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories. These bands include ALDO, Globo, Locale, Burgundy, and Call It Spring. Within the ALDO umbrella, the ALDO stores that sell these products go by the names ALDO Accessories, ALDO Outlet, ALDO Liquidation and Spring Liquidation. This is complemented by the many other internet websites that feature ALDO products as their main attraction.

Each of the brands has a colored history and specific market goals which brings more flair, personality and soul to the ALDO name. For example, the Spring name was first launched as “Transit” in Canada in 1991 but was renamed to its current brand name following its introduction into the US market in 1996. This brand is geared towards launching ALDO’s bold and creative new ideas and the name symbolizes the goal of a new beginning in fashion style. Consequently, other brand names like “Feetfirst” which eventually renamed itself as Locale was intended for a more serious and older demographic. During the transition to the new brand name, the target market was also tweaked to cater to a younger market through boutique-style marketing. The Globo brand, on the other hand, is intended for family-oriented customers featuring more stylish but subdued designs that are guaranteed to fit any occasion. The Burgundy name used to be called “Stoneridge” and hosts some of ALDO Canada’s most cutting edge designs from seventy-plus in-house designers.

 From these established products and brands, ALDO is continuing its expansion and growth with introductions and re-introductions designed to cater to an evolving market and consumer taste. For example, the Pegabo brand was “re-booted” and re-featured in many stores in Canada for ALDO’s 2011 spring collection. The “Call It Spring” brand, on the other hand, was only recently introduced in 2010 as a means to bring the brand to local shoppers in the United States. The concept is to make a store-in-store setting with ALDO collaborating with JCPenney to bring ALDO brands to JCPenney shoppers.

And to show its commitment and dynamism to the ever-evolving ideals of the current times, ALDO launched its Next Step brand in 2008 as a means to promote eco-friendly manufacturing and retail solutions. Examples of ALDO pioneered innovations in the green retail concept is a re-design of its shoe box incorporating a chic and stylish handle that eliminates the need for an extra plastic bag. Another initiative is to eliminate wood-based paper products in the bags promoting tree-saving measures for ALDO Next Step products.


Product Offerings and Price Range


None of this rapid and success would have been possible if ALDO has not delivered on its commitment of high-quality, affordable shoes as embodied in its tagline “Shoes for Life!” The very reason why ALDO Canada commands such adoration and strong support from customers is because it does not fail on delivering these high-quality products at very affordable prices. Combined with an extensive portfolio of product offers that are designed to touch on anyone and everyone’s taste for shoes, ALDO keeps its customers happy and looking forward to the next batch of release.


Here are the products that ALDO Canada offers in its shelves and through countless online distributors and retailers:


  • Women Shoes. The wide selection of products across all ALDO brands has helped to create the ultimate shoe collection to choose from. This is subdivided into shoes, boots, and sandals and a separate line for girl’s shoes.
    • ALDO women shoe designs and types consist of high heels, peep-toe pumps, platform pumps, mid-low heels, wedges, flats, oxford and loafers, and clogs. This product line sells between $60 and $120 depending on the exact footwear type bought. All the designs are stylish, edgy with rustic colors, and comfortable to wear regardless of the occasion.
    • For quintessential ALDO women boot has two things it can truly be proud of and those are comfort and function. ALDO offers knee-high boots, over-the-knee boots, ankle boots, mid-calf boots, flat boots, wedge boots, dress boots and even rain boots. The price range is pretty straightforward with higher-cut boots selling for up to $180 while low-cut ones are sold for $65 to $80. Most of the colors are in muted shades of gray or brown and made from stylish leather for that impeccable and sophisticated style that works regardless of the occasion or the weather.
    • Creating a footwear line for women will never be complete without sandals and ALDO has a diverse collection to choose from. These include flats, wedges, platforms, special occasion sandals, mid-low heels, high heels and beach sandals. The typical price range is from $35 to $80 but sales bring down the prices of some designs to $15.
    • Fashion-forward and style conscious teens can look at ALDO products and finally be thankful for style and affordability in one package. Girl’s footwear sells for under $30 and are all stylish and comfortable for everyday wear.
  • Men Shoes. For every women’s footwear on ALDO shelves, there are also counterpart men products to stoke the equally footwear conscious men demographic. This is also subdivided into shoes, sandals and boots with a line for affordable boy’s footwear.
    • Men’s boots differ from women boots primarily from a function and form perspective and ALDO Canada captures this very well in its product offers. The boot designs are classed according to casual boots, cold-weather boots and dress boots and retail for $150 to $170. All are made rugged and stylish or social and chic depending on the need.
    • Men’s sandals are limited to a few designs but each one captures the essence of rest and relaxation. The sandals are form-hugging, comfortable, chic, and best of all affordable at $55 each.
    • The wide selection of men’s shoes includes sneakers, moccasins, dress loafers, dress lace-ups and casual shoes. Shoes are sold in the range of $60 to $80 and with many stylish designs to choose from, pulling off the casual is never easier than at ALDO Canada.
    • Just like the girl’s line in the women footwear section, the boy’s line also features similar designs to the men’s shoes and sandals collection. The prices remain affordable at less than $30 and with a wide collection for any occasion, cost-conscious teens can rest easy with the ALDO boy’s line.
  • Fashion Accessories. ALDO also sells handbags made from high-quality synthetic leather and sells it for under $65. Selections include satchels, wallets, messengers, clutches, handhelds, totes and cross-body bags. There are also other accessories such as cheap sunglasses and jewelry to match and complement every look and style.


As a testament to its commitment to deliver on customer needs, ALDO offers its products in special sizes. Women can choose from Size 5 and Size 11 footwear while men can also get Size 6 and Size 14 shoes, boots or sandals.




The very wide marketing and distribution network of ALDO Canada requires that it makes a lot of products in advance. This means that at the end of every season, there are products that are left on the shelves waiting for the replacement designs to come in.


ALDO honors its commitment to cheap and affordable but high-quality products by making these designs available via promotions and clearance sales. In most cases, the out-of-season products are shipped to partner distributors mostly operating out of the internet to reach as broad a network of consumers as possible.


This means “Sale, sale, sale” for every ALDO loyal customer. All year round, the company resells these designs at cheaper rates going as low as 50% to 75% of the original selling price. You will find boots that used to sell for $180 and now retailing for $70 without any damage, defect or discrepancy. And in order to protect its clientele and uphold its commitment to bring only good products, everything sold online goes through a rigorous quality check before it gets re-shelved by product distributors.


There are also promotional and discount coupons in many websites that slash another 15%-20% off of the selling price of most items. Searching for these coupons online and printing them prior to taking it to ALDO stores give customers another means by which they can save on their ALDO purchases. When everything is said and done, customers en dup paying 20% of the original retail price just by waiting for an extra year when new arrivals come in to replace “old” stocks.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that ALDO Canada, in its 40 years of experience in the footwear and fashion accessories business, is only gaining steam and continues to get bigger. Its philosophy is sound: great products at affordable prices are a winning combination anytime, anywhere. So check out an ALDO Canada store near you or look up an ALDO retailer on the internet and discover one of the joys of shopping – that one moment when you find a perfect product that you can pay for without thinking twice. At ALDO, you get shoes for life! That’s a value anyone would be more than willing to pay for on any given day.